Roe buck hunting in beautiful France

We are pleased to present the great Roebuck hunting in the Toulouse area.

There are shot every year more than 200 good bucks in the area. The district has more than 100,000 hectares of excellent hunting ground.

Many bucks in the medal class.

Roe bucks weighing on average 400-600 grams.

In France there is no tradition of hunting roe bucks, so there is really talking about great chance to take a super trophy for little money.

Fixed price of bucks regardless of size for bucks 400€.

France hunting licens € 100.

Pick-up at Toulouse airport not incl. Hunting area is located 45 minutes from the airport. 3 or 5 day hunt.

The hunt starts on the 1st of June to mid-September.

We can take groups up to 5 hunters.

3 – 5 days hunting with a guide.

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