We will hunt for Europe’s last population of wild reindeer in Breheimen and Jotunheimen National Park. Here is a rich tradition of reindeer hunting, ever since the ice age.

Breheimen National Park: The reindeer hunt lasts only for 20 days. There are only a few licenses on big buck in the area, so this hunt is exclusive. Deer Zone have this year 4 licenses in this area. The starting point for this hunt is Skjåk. Here’s breathtaking scenery with peaks of 2,000 meters as a frame around us. Jotunheimen National Park: The reindeer hunt last only for 20 days. This area was reopened last year, after been closed for 8 years. Deer Zone have this year 4, maybe 5 licenses in this area. It is important for this area that the client shows up August the 19th, so we could start the hunt the following opening day. The reindeer bucks are spread out in different valleys, and easier to find the first days of the hunt. It is really god trophies in this area. How to get to the hunting area; For the Jotunheimen National Park hunt, fly first to Oslo Airport, then domestic flight to Sogndal. From Sogndal to Knut’s place it’s only 1 hour 15 minutes driving. For the Breheimen National Park hunt, fly to Oslo Airport, drive a rental car to Skjåk. Skjåk is about 4 hours from Oslo Airport. Hunters must be in good physical shape, and able to walk 5 to 15 km a day. There is also a possibility to hunt in both National Parks at the same trip.

Description: Jotunheimen National Park; -This hunt must start August 20th, and the hunter must arrive the day before. -Test firing of weapons, and control of necessary paperwork. -Walk to the cabin. Breheimen National Park; – This hunt is conducted in the period 20 August -10.September. Dates for the hunt will be decided when signing the contract. – Test firing of weapons, and control of necessary paperwork – Two different hunting areas; South West area: We use boat to reach the cabin, and hunt from this base. South East area: We walk after the reindeer herds, and sleep close to the area they are..

Prices and terms: Price total. 8000 €. This includes: – Hunting license – Hunting and guiding up to 5 days. – 2 guides pr. hunter In addition, we have 2 extra guides to keep reindeer supervised. – Board and lodging. – Trophy and skin. – Field preparation of the trophy. – Loan of arms and ammunition, if desirable. We at Deer Zone take pride in the customer to have a successful hunt. We promise to lead the customer to shooting opportunity. That is, we guide customers into 100- 200 meters of at least one decent trophy buck.

Additional license for big buck can be purchased. It costs 3500€. We prefer that this is paid for at the same time as the balance. Wounded, not found animal count as success. If the customer cancels the hunt before 15.July, Deer Zone keep 25 % of the deposit. If the customer must cancel the hunt after 15 July, and the client does not obtain another hunter to take the vacant space, the entire deposit devolves to Deer Zone.

We organize hunting by customers’ request. Do you have other wishes? Please do not hesitate to send us a request.

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