Roe Buck Hunting on the island of Oeland in Sweden.

Hunting from 16 of August.

This island is one of the last places in Sweden ho still has a large population of roedeer.

Here are neither bears, wolves or lynx.

Flights to Copenhagen (Denmark)or Stockholm (Sweden)

Your stay in nice hotel near the hunting ground ore one super Cabin near the sea.

4 days of hunting. 5 nights. Extra hunting day 650€..

All transportation during the hunt.

Guide. Loans of weapen. Swedish huntig licens.

Hunting area is more than 1000 hectar big.

Maximum of hunters is 2.

Hunting time is only from August 16 to August 20.

Hunts start in Sweden on the 16 of August.

Price pr. hunter 2000€.

By booking 50 %. Rest 60 dayes before hunt start. Trophpy payment by departure.

Trophy price

0 –      350g.   700€

351 – 425g.    1400€ = Bronze

426 – 500g.  1500€ = Silver

501 >             3500€ = Gold

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