Pakistan A Paradise for Trophy Hunters.

The name Pakistan means ‘Lan of the pure’ in Urdu and Persian, Pakistan is located in South Asia, it has a 1046 Km coastline along the Arabian sea and the Gulf of Oman in the South. Pakistan is bordered by Afghanistan and Iran in the west, India in the east and China in the northeast. Tajikistan also lies very close to Pakistan but is separated by the narrow Wakhan corridor. Strategically it is located in a poison between the important regions of South Asia.

Pakistad is blessed whit a variety of wild life and for this reason has become a hub for trophy hunters.

Some of animals found in Pakistand are Kasmir Markhor, Astor Markhor, Sulaiman Markhor, Chilten Markhor, Himalayan Ibex, Sindh Ibex, Blandford Urial, Afghan Urial. Punjab Urial, Blue Sheep, Black Buck and many more.

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