Course of program: We pick up the client at the Airport of Zagreb or Ljubljana and drive him down to the hunting area. In both cases a 2 hours drive is needed. The accommodation on full board bases is organised in small and comfortable hotel in the town near the hunting area. The hunting guide with a 4X4 car picks up the client before the hunt and brings him back after that. A full time English speaking interpreter is included.

Hunting period: The Brown Bear is hunted in the week preceding the full moon in March, April, October and November.

Hunting: The hunt is organised from a closed and termoisolated hide, big enough to contain chairs and a small bad with blankets in case the hunter would like to take a nap during the hunt. The hide is built near the feeding place (bait), which is supplied during the whole year. In this way the Bears are accustomed to visit it regularly. The hunt begins normally an hour before the sun set and goes on more or less until midnight. That’s why it is important to take the full moon period.

The most of bears are shot between 7 and 10 p.m., but sometimes they can come also very early, before the sun set. The shooting distance is between 30 and 50 yards, which is a good distance, considering the feeble moonshine light.

Trophy quality: What we can assure, is a high gold medal Bear between 350 and 450 CIC points. The weight of a such animal is around 250 – 300 kg (500 – 600 lb). In the past there were taken also much bigger Bears (the record is 554 CIC points), but we can not guarantee such a trophy as at the moment is impossible to foresee if such a Bear will regularly visit the bait at the moment of the hunt. If available, and of course if you are interested in a trophy exceeding 400 CIC points, we will keep it for you.

Trophy measuring: After the Bear is shot, it will be skinned and measured in client’s presence in order to allow him to control the measurement. The international CIC measuring system is quite simple: first it is taken the length of the skin, measured from the top of the nose to the end of the tail (skin – not hair) and multiplied by its width in the narrowest point (behind the front legs). On the product of those two measures are add up to 30% for the hair beauty points: up to 10% for the regularity of the hair; up to 10% for the brightness of the hair and up to 10% for the length of the hair.

The medal limits are the following:
– 250 to 274,99 CIC points = bronze medal
– 275 to 299,99 CIC points = silver medal
– 300 and more CIC points = gold medal

Trophy treating and shipment: After the measurement the skull and the skin are taken to the taxidermist. It is up to the client to decide either he does only the first tanning, to finish it as a carpet with the stuffed had, or make it life size. In the mean time we proved the Croatian export documents (vet. Papers and CITES). As soon as the taxidermist’s work is finished and CITES import permit is achieved in the homeland, we ship the trophy at the desired address. Of course the taxidermist’s and shipping freights are not included in the program and has to be paid apart.

Firearms and ammunition: Normally every client brings his own riffle. In this case the calibre must be quite powerful (minimum 30.06 Spr.) and equipped with a high luminosity scope! As the Bear is hunted during the night with the moonlight, the sighting cross must be thick and possible illuminated.

If needed a suitable rifle and optics (cal. .375 H&H, 300 WSM or 9,3 mm with 300 gr. Bullets) can be provided at the spot.

To bring the firearm in Croatia or in Slovenia the firearm permit with the registration of the brought rifle is needed.

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